Why Engaging Escorts Can Increase Your Productivity

Although it appears as though engaging escorts has nothing to do with your work, much less increasing your productivity, the truth is that it is far more correlated than most people may think!

Yes, that is right! When you engage an escort, you will be able to increase your work productivity, and here is why.

Most men are highly distracted when they want a female companion, or are feeling very lonely due to working in a high testosterone work environment with no leisure or rest time.

If this is built up over time, it results in unnecessary and unproductive stress. This will only decrease the work motivation, and potentially cause burn out! That is terrible for your career.

By engaging an escort from time to time for example during your business trips to Nevada, you will be able to enjoy and have a date with a beautiful woman with no strings attached.

When you date a woman the ‘normal’ way, you get a LOT of problems – some of them include a clingy woman who will demand that you date her or she will not be with you anymore.

As a successful man, you cannot afford to have such clingy women who don’t understand your busy work schedule.

If you give in to your girlfriend’s demands, your financial status will go to ruins easily, and then you end up with no money and no girlfriend.

However, if you engage and splurge on an escort from time to time, not only do you get to increase your productivity, you get to keep your increased productivity because such a relationship is with no strings attached!

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