Why I Chose Escorts Over Dating – 5 Amazing Benefits

Dating can be a pain… real pain if you are not that good of a looker and if you may have socially awkward skills when it comes to interacting with the fairer sex.

I know, because I always had that problem since I was a child. Thankfully, there exists a concept otherwise known as escorts. If you want to meet an escort, check out https://twitter.com/vegasdescorts/

When it comes to escorts, many of the problems I used to face with dating is now instantaneously overcome.

Here is what I mean.

Benefit number 1: Escorts are a guaranteed girlfriend. If you have always wanted to have the girlfriend experience but never managed to persuade a hot girl to actually like you, then escorts are the perfect solution for you. If you are just craving for that deep emotional connection, getting a GFE escort in Vegas will probably be the best solution for you. These GFE escorts are basically experts in the girlfriend experience, and make you feel as though they are truly already your girlfriend.

Benefit number 2: You can talk like a rambling idiot and still have the escort laugh at your awkward jokes. Although you know that the escort is only laughing at every lame joke you crack because they are paid so highly by you, for that particular moment, it almost feels as though you truly have a girlfriend. For those completely jaded by normal dating in Las Vegas, and/or are always rejected by girls, this is the perfect solution for you.

Benefit number 3: It is no strings attached. Now, in the past, if you had dated ‘normally’, and perhaps even gotten together with a girl officially, you may find out a few months down the road that you and her are actually not suitable for each other. Unfortunately, the only way out is a break up, and most break ups are not that amicable and chances are it is only going to be awkward. With escorts, you never need to worry about this stupid issue ever again. With escorts, you pay them to leave, and they will never bother you again. They will just be a distant but pleasant memory.

Benefit number 4: It saves time. When it comes to ‘normal’ dating, you will now need to talk to a girl, ask her out, ask for her number, woo her over several dates (or more), and then hopefully she accepts you so that all your money and precious time spent on this girl was not wasted. Imagine if she rejects you at the end of your efforts. What a colossal waste of time! I presume you hate having your time being wasted, especially when you could have used those energy into your career. With escorts, you are instantly brought from the stage of strangers straight to couple. What a save of time and effort.

Benefit number 5: Escorts from official websites are almost always hot as long as you steer clear of fake photos and profiles on classified sites like Backpage. However, if you tried ‘normal & outdated’ dating applications, what you will soon find is that only the unattractive women are easy, while the beautiful women never seem to be attracted or ever swipe right on you. So you either need to settle for a less than ideal woman or you need to be forever alone. Thankfully, escorts are beautiful and a guaranteed girlfriend for the night.