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How Much Do Private Piano Teachers Make In Singapore?

Here is a quick summary of how much you can expect to be making as a private piano teacher in Singapore.

First of all, let us talk about the fees that you can be expecting to charge. This is based on an ABRSM grade 8 qualified teacher. If you are a Diploma teacher, you may be able to charge $10 to $30 more per month and still get students. Grade 1 students to Grade 4 students generally get 45 minutes per lesson and once per week. Grade 5 and above students generally get 1 hour per lesson and once per week. The charges start from around $130 for Grade 1 up till around $310 for grade 8. This means that an average student will be able to nett you around $220 per month. 10 students will mean that you will be making $2200 per month, and so on.

Second of all, it really depends if you are doing this part time or full time. When you are a full timer, you will definitely be able to make more than a person working part time. This is definitely the case because you can have students and carry out those lessons in the day time, rather than only on week nights or weekends. As each student will take up approximately 1 hour, and travelling time from one place to another within the similar vicinity in Singapore is around 30 minutes, you will need to portion around 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours for each student. If you work part time, you can generally only have 2 students per weeknight, and around 5-7 on each day of the weekend. If you work full time, you can have around 5-7 students every day. This means that you can have approximately 22 students if you work part time if you take 2 students per weeknight and 6 students per weekend day. This means approximately $4840 per month. If you work full time, you can take around 6 students every day, which translates to 35 students per week. This is equivalent to an estimated $7700 per month!

Third of all, even if you were to work part time or full time, it also depends how much free time you want to have. To be realistic, the above is best case scenario, if you were to work every day. If you want to get that many students, then it is definitely important to be a great teacher, keep asking for referrals, and ideally partner up with a Singapore piano teacher agency so you can find students through them as well as an additional source of students. One of the best and upcoming agencies SG Learn Piano has some part time piano teacher jobs vacancies for you to get.