What Is The Best Age To Start Learning The Piano In Singapore?

If you always wanted to learn the piano in Singapore, but was not sure when you should learn it, here are the answers to your question.

There are actually two ages in which it is best for you to learn, and it is not every age, contrary to what people think.

The first age(s) which is best for you to learn piano is when you have no financial obligations nor responsibility to anyone or any entity (e.g. company, bank or government). This is general your school years when you are in primary school up till Junior College / Polytechnic levels. Most people in Singapore have their parents supporting them financially when they are still in their primary or secondary school years in particular. This means that you would not need to be bothered about an additional consideration when wanting to learn the piano – financial obligations. Therefore, you have fewer things to focus on. Therefore, if you are still in your primary and secondary school years, show your parent this article and let them know if you want to learn the piano in Singapore.

The second age(s) which is best for you to learn piano is when you are already financially free or at least stable. The reason I keep linking learning the piano to finances is because a piano is expensive, and weekly piano lessons cost money. When added up, they are not cheap. You can read more about investment costs in learning the piano in Singapore here. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are in a right position before taking piano lessons in Singapore, otherwise you have much more to stress and focus on other than your piano lessons!

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