How Do I Know If My Escort Is Real And Looks Like Her Photo?

Engaging an escort can be an exciting thing for men in Vegas to do, but also intimidating. This is because many escorts do not list or advertise their own real photos, and try to scam customers by posting fake images of random girls they plucked off from the Internet – usually because they are far from as attractive in reality. This is a huge turn off for the men who only booked the escort because they think that the escort looks like the photographs shown online. Unfortunately, this is common practice among many independent escorts, and a few unethical escort agencies/websites. Thankfully, I am about to teach you how to avoid these fake photos as much as possible.

First and foremost, look at the attractiveness of the girl and then look at her prices if listed. If she looks like a 10/10 supermodel, yet is listed for e.g. $100/hour, there is clearly something wrong. No one who looks that great will work for so little money when they can demand a lot more. No Lamborghinis are sold for the price of Toyotas unless there’s something seriously wrong with that Lamborghini or there’s no such car in reality.

Second of all, nearly all photos shown on the escort cards you will get as an adult male walking down the street of Las Vegas city are fake. Some of them openly tell you that disclaimer, while others don’t. I would strongly advocate avoiding these cards, since 99% of them are fake. The girl who turns up will be worlds apart from the photos.

Next of all, just ask the agency. They will usually state to you anyway if the photograph is not of the actual girl. However, if they do not, they will usually still describe the actual girl to you. If they do this, you can then decide if you still wish to proceed.

Also, steer clear of Backpage or Craigslist. They are well known to be infested with fake profiles and photographs. They are either scammers who will ask you to transfer money without sending anybody down to meet you, or their photos are all fake. Do not use these websites for the purpose of finding escorts in Las Vegas. It has unfortunately been abused in Vegas.

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