How To Ensure Your Safety As An Escort

If you plan to become an escort in Vegas, there are security and safety concerns you may have in your mind now. Here are some of the most common safety concerns, and how to easily overcome them.

1 – You should meet clients in the main Las Vegas strip. There are lots of security and police in this area, ensuring that no dodgy people who may turn out to be gangsters will turn up. If you were to meet a client at a dodgy part of Nevada, outside of the main Las Vegas strip, your personal security is potentially at risk.

2 – Never solicit prostitution. This has less to do with safety, and more to do with legality. It is legal to be an escort and a female companion for your clients. It is however illegal to sell sexual services or solicit them in Vegas.

3 – Stick to meeting points which are either in a bright and populated street/restaurant/lobby or at a hotel which is 4 or 5 stars and above. This is simply to ensure that adequate security is there in the unlikely event a client starts to be nasty. At such locations, the clients are either decently behaved, or will be successful enough in their own careers to do any stupid moves which may jeopardize their own careers if indicted of a crime. It is safe to meet clients at any posh or ‘crowded enough’ areas.

4 – Always work with an agency, or an intermediary which will sift out phone calls e.t.c. Unless you are highly adept with the laws and also knowing how to sift out ‘bad clienteles’, it is not advised to do it on your own. An experienced intermediary will be able to help you vet through the phone calls/messages and only match you up with clients which are verified. You may want to apply for a listing on one of the largest escort websites in Vegas to get started with your escorting career –

So there you go. The above are 4 steps to help ensure that you make a LOT of money in Vegas as an escort while staying safe and on the right side of the law as well! If you need more help, obviously, talk to someone with experience in the industry in Vegas, to get your questions answered! Or, you could simply Google for AMA websites as well.

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